Going Social

Going Social

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In this course, we’ll discuss:

  • Using Social Media in your job search
  • How employers use social media to find workers.
  • Networking and teach you ways in which you can tap into the “hidden job market” by meeting people through other people.
  • Specific tips on how to use branding you create a strong social media persona.
  • LinkedIn and help you create an awesome profile on the world’s largest professional social media network.

Once we’ve talked about LinkedIn, we’ll move into a review game to help you remember the most important points in today’s learning.

Upon completion, learners will:

  • Demonstrate increased familiarity with concepts relating to social media and job search
  • Understand practices that demonstrate good social media norms
  • Understand the importance of social media presence in job search
  • Be familiar with popular job scams and how to identify potential scams
  • Be familiar with LinkedIn and how it can be used in job search
  • Have tools and resources for planning and developing a social media presence